TTAR #01: 3D Touch Trackpad

IMG_8659In this day and age, the iPhone is probably the only computer that some only own. People can create posts and articles on their iPhone for their blog or website, or even noting down key points for a speech. That would mean lots of typing involved. 

If you belong to another group of people that uses these devices for connecting and communicating with people in your social circle, that would mean lots of typing of messages and replies too.

Although there is auto-correction however some words like a person’s name or a name of a place might not get corrected. We may sometimes misspell words and in the past, sometimes the only way is to delete the letters at the back though the mistake is at the start of the word or highlight the word and deleting them. 


With 3D Touch Trackpad, you can now move the cursor to the exact location of the letter in a word, backspace and type the word. This does not occur only in words but also in sentences. You can 3D Touch from any move around the sentence or paragraph and even get into the exact letter of the word in a paragraph or sentence.

This makes increases productivity on the iPhone and saving a precious amount of seconds to edit words, move around the texts to add words in between sentences and paragraphs. This feature is throughout iOS on your device. You can use it to edit a search, a text message, a caption on your photo while editing and more.

Once you get to use it, on devices that do not have this feature, it does get a little weird as you got to edit the text the conventional way of deleting the word.

Devices that supports 3D Touch Trackpad: As of June 2017

  • iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

See how to use 3D Touch Trackpad: 


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